71 percent of Indians Eat Meat. What Global Effect Does This Have?
A recent article in Forbes reveals that a whopping 71 percent of Indians over age 15 eat meat. For a country thought to be largely vegetarian, statistics showing the opposite are quite shocking. Out of a population of 1.2 billion, only 330 million Indians identify as vegetarian or vegan.

With the growth of India’s economy, meat consumption, often seen as a sign of wealth, has rapidly increased in recent years. But how does this trend impact other countries and the planet?

For one thing, animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change. Meat production uses significantly more resources than plant-based food. For example, 1 kg of mutton requires 8,000 litres of water to produce, and 1 kg of chicken requires 4,000 litres. Additionally, chicken production generates 25 times more CO2 than grain production per calorie. Insane, right?!

Animal agriculture consumes so many resources that it’s responsible for nearly 91 percent of Amazon rainforest destruction, according to a World Bank study. Raising animals for food uses more than one-third of the planet’s landmass; produces more greenhouse gases than all cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined; and has created more than 500 nitrogen-flooded dead zones around the globe.

By choosing a vegan diet, you help the environment by cutting your carbon footprint in half.

With growing concern for animal welfare and a greater understanding of animal agriculture’s global impact, vegan companies should have plenty of opportunities throughout India. But because of India’s unique marketing and distribution structure, plant-based products from Europe or the United States haven’t been readily available.

But a new India-based company is changing the game. Founded by Abhishek Sinha, Stephanie Downs, and Deepak Parihar, Good Dot makes high-quality, affordable plant-based meat “in India, for India, by India.” Its mission is “to save lives, both human and animal, by providing an option without sacrifice.”

The best part? Good Dot’s products are not only free of GMOs and preservatives but free of cruelty—they will spare thousands of animals from immense suffering at factory farms.

Curious about Good Dot’s vegan meat alternatives? Check out our review here.

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