Award-Winning Vegan Cheese Comes to India
Violife, an award-winning company well-known across Europe and the United States, has brought its delicious vegan cheeses to India! Violife uses coconut oil and potato starch to make vegan cheese alternatives that are completely free of soy and nuts. Varieties include mozzarella, cheddar, feta, and Parmesan, in slices, blocks, or grated form.

According to Vegan First, you can currently purchase Violife products at Nature’s Soul, Defence Colony Market, Narang Marche, some locations of Krishna Supermarché 37, and all locations of The Goodness Store.

The company boasts that its cheese is so delicious “you won’t know it’s not made from milk.” Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Violife has been producing 100 percent vegan, non-GMO foods since the 1990s. On its website, the company explains why it created its vegan cheese products:

We absolutely love what we do here because we know that, for some, it’s really difficult to give up cheese! We know that we can reassure those people that our melt-y, stretchy, creamy, tangy Violife family of products will be perfect for them. No compromise on taste necessary.

This is great news for people who have felt addicted to cow’s milk cheese. It turns out, the dairy industry manipulates consumers into continually buying its products. Confused? Keep reading.

An article in Forbes highlights not only the addictive effect cheese has on consumers but the dairy industry’s efforts to take advantage of it:

There’s a reason behind our cravings. Cheese contains casein. It also contains casein fragments called casomorphins, a casein-derived morphine-like compound. Basically, dairy protein has opiate molecules built in.

And the dairy industry has been using this addictive quality of cheese to sell its products for years. In fact, a presentation given in 2000 by Dairy Management Inc. (which collects money from dairy companies to promote its products) suggested that the best way to increase demand for dairy was to trigger consumers’ cheese cravings.

Author of The Cheese Trap, Dr Neal Barnard explains:

These opiates attach to the same brain receptors that heroin and morphine attach to. They are not strong enough to get you arrested, but they are just strong enough to keep you coming back for more, even while your thighs are expanding before your very eyes.

And to make matters worse, cows at dairy farms are subjected to extreme confinement, mutilations without painkillers, and—inevitably—a ruthless slaughter. They are denied nearly everything that comes naturally to them, including caring for their young.

So what are you waiting for? With new vegan products sprouting up across India every day, there has never been a better time to switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

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