Mallika Sherawat: Veganism Isn’t a Fad, It’s a Lifestyle
Every day, more and more people switch to a compassionate vegan diet. But Mallika Sherawat, Bollywood actress and former model, is speaking out against the idea that veganism is a “fad” diet, instead calling it a “healthy lifestyle choice.”

Now the actress is working to expand veganism throughout India. Sherawat told

I have a lot of plans to promote veganism in India. I’m joining hands with a friend’s restaurant to introduce vegan offerings to the Indian palate. I plan to rope in international chefs to whip up some delicious dishes. Once people see how nutritious and delicious vegan food can be, they’ll switch to a healthier dairy-free lifestyle.

Many celebrities and politicians around the globe are making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle. Maneka Gandhi, head of the Ministry of Women and Child Development in India, is an outspoken animal activist and vegan. In an interview she said, “Every time you drink a glass of milk, remember it comes from a sad, suffering mother whose own child was killed before her eyes and who herself will be killed when she dries up.”

Sherawat is one of many people accelerating the growth of India’s vegan scene. Just this year, India-based vegan milk companies have garnered large investments, and clean meat companies have announced that “meat without slaughter” is set to hit Indian market shelves by 2025. Mumbai’s first vegan restaurant is slated to open its doors this month, and India’s first vegan meat company launched last year.

This boom in veganism is great news not only for your health and the environment but for animals suffering at factory farms all over the world.

We could not agree more with Mallika Sherawat, who told the Indian Express, "If I had to pick the very best thing about being vegan, it's my clear conscience.”

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