New MFA Exposé Reveals Horrific Cruelty at Chicken Hatchery
This week Mercy For Animals released shocking hidden-camera footage recorded at one of Canada’s largest chicken hatcheries. Among other horrific abuses, the whistleblower documented day-old chicks ground up alive in macerators, roughly dropped onto conveyor belts, viciously killed by having their necks smashed against metal edges of factory equipment, and dumped into baskets and left to suffer for hours before dying. In one instance, more than 25,000 healthy chicks were ground up alive just because an order had been canceled.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

The footage was recorded at Ontario’s Fleming Chicks, owned by Maple Lodge Farms, Canada’s largest poultry processor. This isn’t the first time Maple Lodge Farms has been caught abusing animals. A previous MFA exposé at a Maple Lodge Farms slaughterhouse reveals countless chickens frozen to death during transport and birds violently slammed into metal shackles before being shocked with electricity and having their throats cut open while still conscious and able to feel pain.

From anticipating future events to recalling the trajectory of a hidden object, chickens are incredibly smart and sensitive. They even possess self-control, holding out for a better food reward, and can assess their own position in the pecking order—both characteristics of self-awareness.

Unfortunately, chickens are among the most abused animals on the planet. In fact, chickens make up 92 percent of the land animals raised and killed for food worldwide and lead some of the most miserable lives.

Luckily, chicken meat is easily replaced with humane and healthy plant-based alternatives.

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