New Plant-Based Company Is Veganising India’s Favourite Meat Dishes
An innovative new Indian company is creating plant-based versions of the country’s favourite meat dishes. According to its website, Vezlay Foods is one of the first companies to introduce soya foods with a “non-veg texture,” providing “nutritious, healthy, and delicious” vegan foods across India.

Vezlay’s products include frozen and nonfrozen soya seekh kababs, soya nuggets, veg chicken, and veg mutton tikka. Clients include Big Bazaar, Easy Day Market, Hyper City, Sabka Bazaar, Spar Hypermarket, SRS Value Bazaar, and Walmart.

With more vegan options in India than ever, Vezlay is not alone in fighting the country’s rising demand for meat products. India-based company Good Dot manufactures plant-based protein products “in India, for India, by India.” And while Good Dot works to launch India’s first-ever fleet of vegan food trucks across the country, fully vegan restaurants are opening in Mumbai and a fifth vegan delivery service just opened in Pune.

Whether people are going vegan to combat animal cruelty, protect the environment, or safeguard their health, there’s clearly a growing demand for vegan products. According to a recent Forbes article, more than 70 percent of people in India over age 15 eat meat, which can have globally catastrophic effects on the environment. Swapping meat for vegan options—like those of Vezlay or Good Dot—is one of the best things we can do for the planet, a recent Oxford study suggests.

Animal agriculture is a major contributor to climate change. Meat production uses significantly more resources than plant-based food. For example, 1 kg of mutton requires 8,000 litres of water to produce, and 1 kg of chicken requires 4,000 litres. Additionally, chicken production generates 25 times more CO2 than grain production per calorie. Insane, right?!

Animal agriculture consumes so many resources that it’s responsible for nearly 91 percent of Amazon rainforest destruction, according to a World Bank study. Raising animals for food uses more than one-third of the planet’s land mass; produces more greenhouse gas than all cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined; and has created more than 500 nitrogen-flooded dead zones around the globe.

By choosing a vegan diet, you help the environment by cutting your carbon footprint in half. And going vegan is not only better for the environment; it spares countless animals a lifetime of suffering.

Cows, sheep, and chickens are treated like unfeeling objects, and their short lives are marked by unimaginable cruelties: intensive confinement, agonising mutilations, and violent deaths.

Don’t believe us? Watch.

With more and more people speaking out about the brutality animals endure for dairy, meat, and eggs, there has never been a better time to try plant-based alternatives. Click here to get started.
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