This 21-Year-Old Is Bringing Plant-Based Milk to India
Two years ago, student and animal activist Abhay Rangan was riding his moped around Bangalore. His mission: delivering vegan milk throughout southern India.

In their home kitchen, Rangan and his mother, Veena, would make products like almond and coconut milk. When the milk was ready, he would load his backpack and drive around 500 km delivering the milk.

Because of the distance, some of the milk would spoil before reaching the customer, so Rangan took on the challenge of building infrastructure that would make vegan milk alternatives more accessible. In a recent Forbes article, he stated:

We manufactured our first few thousand liters using our blenders, pots and pans. The challenge was that we were too small to outsource things like manufacturing to someone else, so we had to redo several orders when, for example, the almond milk spoiled before it got to the customer.

While running an animal rights organisation at just 16 years old, Rangan heard many aspiring vegans complain how expensive vegan food was. That’s why he and his mother founded Veganarke, which “was born out of a desire to make vegan products affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Veganarke quickly gained popularity, enabling Rangan to develop his products and sell them online throughout India. Under the brand GoodMylk, the products include almond and coconut milk and shelf-stable yoghurt. Rangan, now 21, claims that Veganarke is the first company in India to make vegan yoghurt products, with theirs made from peanut and rice curd. Now, with the help of $400,000 from vegan investor Stephen Sturdivant, Veganarke will be able to purchase new machinery and increase the company’s output and reach.

This family business is great news not only for vegans in India but for countless animals suffering at dairy factory farms.

Maneka Gandhi, head of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, said in an interview, “Every time you drink a glass of milk, remember it comes from a sad, suffering mother whose own child was killed before her eyes and who herself will be killed when she dries up.”

With more and more people speaking out about the brutality animals endure for dairy, there has never been a better time to try plant-based alternatives. By removing dairy from your diet, you end your support of an abhorrently cruel industry. Click here to get started.
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